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We can handle the Perc test, and septic design, along with the permitting. Our team of engineers and soil scientists will design an affordable long lasting solution.

We are licensed in MA and CT and have been installing septic systems and sewers for over 10 years. We can fix your failed septic system with either a septic repair or septic replacement or drain field replacement. We also do septic system installation for new construction homes. We are certified for Presby septic systems, E One pressure sewers, and have installed recirculating sand filters. We do road sewer and water mains, and have heavy equipment for ledge removal. Accredited by the better business bureau.

Green Energy

Paquette Builders knows the high cost of heating fuels, and therefore has incorporated some highly efficient and advanced heating systems into our new homes. Some examples of these are the instantaneous water heaters with no standby heat loss, the 93% efficient computer controlled unit heaters, and the condensing gas boilers and furnaces. We are presently researching the use of solar panels and wood gasification boilers.


Paquette Builders recognizes the environmental impact of simply crushing the old buildings and bringing it to the local landfill. We have removed structures while recycling over 75% of the building materials including bricks for patios, and walkways, wood framing for new homes, and broken boards to heat area homes. This has reduced our trips to the local landfill and has saved precious space there.

Design & Consulting

We have been providing design services for our own clients and other builders for over three decades. Our innovative approach to integrating HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems , and cabinet layout with structural and architectural plans saves our clients money and improves the quality of the home.

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We’ll help you design your new kitchen or bath projects. We offer a full line of kitchen cabinets, made to order with quality details like dovetailed drawers and real wood. Cabinets are available in a wide variety of door styles, wood species, and stain or paint choices.

Civil Infrastructure

Paquette Builders is experienced in developing and constructing civil infrastructure including roads, municipal sewer projects, and water distribution systems. Whether the infrastructure services office buildings, multifamily projects, or single family subdivisions, Paquette Builders provides the expertise, manpower and equipment necessary to complete the project.

Other Services

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